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E - Design

My E-Design service provides me with the opportunity to design your home without visiting site.  I will advise and guide you through all aspects of the design process whilst using currently available software to facilitate the process remotely.  

We will team up to successfully achieve the look and feel you want to create.  Your role is vital whilst you communicate your desired outcome and we'll work together to achieve your goals.  

I've found that my clients, both local and abroad, enjoy the participation that comes with the E-design service as well as the saving on costs that this option provides.

To initiate the project, you would provide your input by way of the design questionnaire which will help me better understand your desired outcome, likes/dislikes and everything else I need to know to achieve what you want.

I will provied you with computer generated images in order to help you visulaise and comment on the design and we will work together to acheive what you want.

I'll then source furniture and accessories tailored to your space, style and your chosen level of investment.  This will be shown in a scaled room plan so that you or your contractors have an accurate plan from which to work.  

I will also provide you with an easy to use shopping list with direct links to the websites of the suppliers, making it simple for you to place your orders.    

The Process

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